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How to clean the artificial grass

Keywords: outdoor grass carpet/artificial grass flooring  Publish Date: 2017-12-05  Source: Wuxi Green Lawn Co., Ltd.

Artificial grass flooring lawn cleaning is different from natural lawn. Compared with natural lawn's tedious and energy consuming later maintenance work, artificial lawn badminton field maintenance is much simpler. We can grasp some tricks in the maintenance and use of artificial lawn badminton, not only enable badminton sports fields to keep exercise performance, increase comfort, but also extend the life of lawn to a certain extent. Up to now, there are three basic types of outdoor artificial turf: no sand, artificial SOD, filling particles, artificial turf and natural artificial turf. The maintenance of artificial turf is simpler than that of natural grass. Generally, the artificial lawn (outdoor grass carpet) should be cleaned every week to ensure that the stem is upright and the gravel is uniform.

The domestic badminton ground material is more used in PVC material and acrylic material. With the development of the artificial lawn (green basketball)industry, the unique advantages of artificial turf have made the sports fields to use artificial turf to paving the ground in succession. The choice of artificial lawn for badminton site materials, or acrylic, PVC material paving, has become a difficult thing for people to choose. Here, we recommend you choose badminton Witten turf artificial turf! The ground material of the badminton court is made of (outdoor )artificial grass turf to reduce the degree of physical injury. Artificial turf grass is soft, grass height, lawn is more soft; soft lawn, improve jumping ability; timely sprain, reduce the athletes in the process of catching the ball falls; and artificial turf upright effect is best, resistance to trampling, not easy to deformation; at the same time, artificial turf wear resistance strong.

So, how do the fake turf of the badminton court clean? First look at what skin, have a sweep, can not pick up, dust on the vacuum cleaner sucking, the water below the lawn is well rinsed right! If there is a nail polish on it, use the liquid to wash the nail polish. Paint, paint, etc., can be wiped with turpentine or paint remover, and cleanser and water are used to remove pollution. Then rinse the cleaning agent with cold water and wipe it hard with a sponge dipped in perchloroethylene. Generally, there are still few things that can't be rubbed out on the earlier stage. They do not often wash with detergent. They need to be cleaned if they find dirty.

Now artificial turf is widely used, but it is also a problem to clean it properly. If the (green basketball )lawn is stained, let's wash the artificial lawn with soap and water, and then rinse the fat water thoroughly with water. If necessary, use the towel with strong water absorption to dry. If you have shoe oil, sunscreen oil, ball pen oil, and so on, can be dipped in perchloroethylene sponge dipped with a sponge, with strong absorbent towel dry. The skin of the melon and fruit should be picked up, if only the dust will be swept directly. Paraffin, tar and bitumen are wiped directly or dipped with perchloroethylene with sponges. If the above sticky gum, available after Freon spurting into small pieces of debris removal.

If you simply just dust dust, so natural rainwater can be clean. However, although artificial lawn (green basketball)sites are usually prohibited from throwing litter, they will inevitably produce all kinds of garbage in actual use, so football field maintenance must include regular cleaning. Scraps of leather, scraps, shits, shells and other lightweight garbage can be done by a suitable vacuum cleaner. In addition, the brush can be used to remove the excess garbage, and we must not affect the filling particles.