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How check the artificial grass quality.

Keywords: high density artificial grass  Publish Date: 2017-11-27  Source: Wuxi Green Lawn Co., Ltd.

1. Data identification.

1. Grass fiber data. Polyethylene (PE), the price is good, the world is in vogue, the broad masses of bear; polypropylene (PP), grass fiber is hard, simple fiber is usually applied to tennis courts, playground and other use; nylon (PA) is the best artificial grass, the United States and other developed countries in the selection, the higher the price in Chinese, most customers can not afford.

2, Backing of high density artificial grass . Wool composite weaving cloth has good adhesion and function, good adhesion to glue and grass thread, and easy price. The glass fiber and other data at the bottom of grid fiber can help to increase the strength of bottom and the binding force of grass fiber.

3. Glue of artificial grass carpet. Styrene butadiene emulsion is the mass data of the Chinese market. The cost function is good, cheap, but easy to melt with water, glue, BASF in Germany is preferred; polyurethane (PU) adhesive strength and binding force is above the above product several times, durable, beautiful color, certainly not moldy and environmental corrosion, but the price of artificial grass tennis  is more expensive is the universal data.

Two type identification method.

1, to distinguish  of high density artificial grass the types according to the layout of grass distinction, according to the layout of grass, artificial grass is divided into: straight grass, the product of domestic skills mature, economic and practical; roll grass, YISHION is imported, the highest price; straight mixed grass, is on the market price is higher; the best motor function, single fiber varieties, is the main products of the world market, high fidelity, the use is only capable of product protection and innovation, and the emergence of new China olive type simulation on the market also has a natural grass. The product represents the highest level of the market China.

2, classify the types according to the quality of high density artificial grass fiber. According to the quality of grass fiber, the artificial turf roll  is divided into: 7400D, 8800D, 1100D and D, which are the measurement unit of the silk size, and every nine kilometers is a unit. In principle, the bigger the quality of the D unit is, the better the quality is. TDG grass fibers are high by functional fiber, not the usual product, TDG fiber products to progress more than 20% usually product life. Thickness: 80100150, width: 10,11.5,12, the greater the thickness and width in principle, the better the better.

3. Classify the types according to the weaving method. According to the weaving method, the artificial grass is divided into 3/8 inches and 5/8 inches.  1/2 inches, 3/4 inches. Weaving type has little effect on quality, but grass density is a key target. Too sparse and too dense will have adverse effects on the quality of artificial grass products. I recommend 3/8 inch products.

Three. Other identification methods.

1, from the artificial turf tennis  product layout, needle, adhesive, color, appearance and density of base cloth to investigate discrimination;

2, after the artificial grass tennis turf test data to distinguish between artificial grass carpet skills, professional testing organizations abroad artificial turf tennis  LABOSPORT in France and the European ISA supply, such as UV resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, elasticity, flame retardant and avoid test digital identification of product quality with the most objective static;

3, it can be differentiated by product "model project", but the sample project is usually packaged, usually non professionals don't know it easily, so we can investigate it.