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Keywords:   Publish Date: 2017-12-17  Source: Wuxi Green Lawn Co., Ltd.

3, Cleaning and maintenance(turf grass):

1, after the game with a vacuum cleaner timely cleaning paper, shells, etc sundry.


2, every two weeks with a special brush grass seedlings to comb again, to clear the dirt and debris such as leaves that lawn.


After 3, monthly or frequent game with dedicated rake flat quartz sand or rubber.


4, the dust on the grass turf (artificial grass golf ), rain will wash clean, or use the artificial irrigation(plastic grass).

5, in hot summer, cool can spray water sprinkle the lawn, in order to make cool and comfortable.


4, check the repair (artificial grass golf):


1, check carefully whether the stitching is loose, whether the whole grass at the bottom of the damage, tearing, burning, etc. Big repair should contact the shop installs company.


2, the heavy rain(grass turf) washed and clean can make filling a small amount of loss. To fill the place to sprinkle quartz sand and rubber granule, and completely swept into the furrows.